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New Amateo Research Publication: Slovenia

New Amateo Research Publication: Slovenia

Analysis of the situation, identification of needs, definition of priorities in networking, advocacy and development of amateur culture in order to enhance the quality of life and culture of living in Slovenia. Research translated to English by Amateo, 2020.
Amateo Award winner 2018: Op Roet (Netherlands)

Get Inspired! Amateo Award Winners

Amateo Award Winner 2018 Op Roet (Netherlands): EdvanHoornFucktheSystem  Around the Dutch city of Hoorn in 2018, refugees united with more than 40 amateur actors, singers and musicians to create a very special musical. The script was based on the real…

Conference: Resetting the Stage

Conference: Resetting the Stage

Amateo Online Conference | Friday January 22nd 2021  Cultural budgets are coming under more and more pressure. On top of that, the cultural and creative sectors themselves are among the most seriously damaged by the effects of the pandemic. Many…

Postcards from Home Workshop – March

Indo-Persian Miniatures WORKSHOP 18.00-20.30 GMT (19.00 CET/ 20.00 EET), MONDAY 1sT MARCH We celebrate Spring and change in this workshop. As plants and flowers begin to grow and our environments change, London-based artist Yasmin Hayat guides us through the traditional…

Postcards from Home Workshop – January

PICTURE SONNETS WORKSHOP 18.15-19.30 CET (17.15 GMT / 19.15 EET), THURSDAY 28TH January Language and images are brought together in this 'Picture Sonnets' workshop led by Dutch artist Ted van Lieshout. Ted shares his approach to using images to represent…