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Piotr Michalowski workshop

Watch a recording of the online workshop conducted on Zoom as part of Amateo’s ReSTART conference held online and in Milan, Italy on 30 October 2021.

conducted by Piotr Michalovski, ENCC 

Non-urban areas are at the frontline of a rapid transformation: climate effects of the current intensive production modes, migration, demographic changes, political turbulences, and more (Beyond the urban, 2020). Contemporary artists and cultural professionals, in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams, can help realizing the potential of rurality to be a laboratory for conceiving an innovative vision on how global societies, whether urban or rural, central or peripheral, can reinvent current modes of economic, social and political functioning and ensure a sustainable future for our planet. Within the workshop we will discuss on how Art can take part in order to create more sustainable, participatory, decentralized and self-sufficient local communities.

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