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Amateo Members

LASSO – Belgium


Member country: Belgium
Contact person: Anja Van Roy, general coordinator


Lasso is the Brussels’ platform for cultural participation (Belgium). We want art and culture to be by everyone and for everyone. That’s why we inspire and reinforce organizations by joining forces across sectors and communities.


Lasso provides networking opportunities and advice on all issues relating to cultural participation. Our network consists of professionals from different sectors such as the arts, the heritage sector, socio-cultural work, youth work, education and welfare. Within these sectors, Lasso wants to reach as many professionals and volunteers as possible, who can be key figures or guides, bringing children, young people or adults to participate in art and culture. Therefore, through networking, cooperation and sharing knowhow, we facilitate the links between organizations that would not meet so easily otherwise. We also invest in innovative projects in order to change the way cultural participation is being perceived and realized in the Brussels region.

Why Amateo?

We joined the Amateo network because we believe in sharing practices and experiences. As a platform for cultural participation, Lasso has a broad vision on culture and participation and is eager to discover other ways of working across Europe. We can only be inspired from other experiences and inspire in turn the Brussels local projects

Importance of international cooperation?

As a platform working with local organizations in Brussels, we want to create opportunities for them to collaborate with foreigners partners. We believe that sharing practices and benefiting from experiences abroad can reinforce local practices.

Future hopes?

A lot of creativity, exchange and concrete cooperation between European organizations!

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