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Database Presentation

Amateo has launched a new database of research studies designed to benefit researchers, students and practitioners on the core aspects of active cultural participation, and to help monitor the progress of research in this area and its coverage throughout Europe.

The label of “active cultural participation”, here, derives from the distinction between the active and the receptive modes of cultural participation that points to the distinction between producing versus consuming arts (even though sometimes a third mode of reflexive cultural participation is distinguished, especially in education).

Although it is obvious we do not intend to delve into professionals arts, it is less obvious where exactly to draw the line. Several possible ‘objective’ criteria can be listed to distinguish between amateurs and professionals including vocational training, income and amount of time spent. It is not always possible to separate them clearly, but intention and the character of leisure time seem to be the most useful criteria for the distinction: one is an amateur artist if one practices a creative activity as a leisure pursuit. Also, by no means all creative activities are included in the database. Here, the demarcation line has been identified following traditional artistic disciplines.

The database contains, at the moment, over a hundred entries and it is searchable through keywords and categories. Here are the details of the categories that have been used:

  • GENERAL INFORMATION: Author(s), Title, Institution (University, Research Center, Network, Conference, Authority), Country of publication, Year, Year of publication / Journal number, Abstract, Source, Link to publication, Download opportunities
  • RESEARCH INFORMATION: Publication type (Thesis, Journal article, Conference paper, Report, Book chapter, Document, Web-page). Approach (Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed approach). Data collection (Questionnaire, Interview, Focus groups, Observation, Case study, Literature review). Target group (Practitioners, Audience, Population, Organizers, Policies, Researchers).
  • AREA INFORMATION: Themes: Social inclusion, Health and wellbeing, Impact on society, Aestethics, Statistics, Economics, History, Technical aspects, Policies. Art forms: Theatre, Dance, Performance, Instrumental music, Vocal music, Fine arts, Crafts, Photograhy, Film, Literature (Creative writing of novels, short stories, poems, lyrics for songs), Design, Graphic design, Game design, Mixed Art forms Participants: Children, Youth, Adults, Elderly, Mixed generations, People with special needs, Minorities

Search the Amateo research database using the search box below.

Type in keywords and topics to filter the database, and use the dropdown list in the search box to specify which fields to search.
Example: If the area of your interest is health, type the word “Health” in the search box and specify field “Theme” in dropdown list.

You can also sort a list in each column alphabetically (from a to z and vice versa).

Click the + “plus” sign next to the project Title for more information.

Any feedback?
Contact research [at] if you have any questions, suggestions or would like to collaborate with the Research team.