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Arts Take Part is a unique and exciting new project being undertaken by Amateo, a network that serves and promotes people’s engagement in participatory arts.

Arts Take Part, supported by Creative Europe and Amateo member organisations, will help to strengthen the organisations involved in this work, grow the network and offer training, knowledge exchange and events. In the process it will raise the profile of the
participatory arts and the important impact that has on people’s lives.

ATP and EU emblem banner

The participatory arts (amateur arts and voluntary culture) are a vital aspect of civic life for people across the European Union. A large number of voluntary and paid staff and artists are employed in a myriad of associations to provide arts based activities for
about 38% of the population in the member states, with strong added value through personal empowerment, cultural cohesion, social inclusion and active citizenship.

While the benefits of participation are clear for those involved at a local level, we aim to secure wider international recognition at a national level of the importance of this work to our social, civic, political and cultural lives. We want to encourage and support the many small organisations that are involved in this work to recognise and promote their work at a national and cross-European level.

The overall aim of this 4-year network project is to develop the capacity to engage main national and regional associations and their local networks from the sector of participatory arts in the member states and programme countries to operate trans-nationally and to support their active participation in art and cultural activities at a European level.

Read about our activities in the project here.

Arts Take Part Team Structure

Key Management Team

  • Jim Tough (UK) Project Coordinator, 📧 jim [at]
  • Lindsey Jackson (UK & IE), Finance Manager, 📧 finance [at]
  • Damien McGlynn (UK & IE), Communications & Advocacy Manager, 📧 comms [at]
  • Milka Salatić (RS), Communications Coordinator, 📧 comms [at]

Courses & Conferences Team (News)

  • Marjeta Turk (SI), Team Leader, 📧 conference [at]
  • Valentina Daćnik (HR)
  • Alexandra Stefkova (SK)
  • Jan-Willem van Kruyssen (NL)

Flagship Events Team (News)

  • Jan Pirnat (SI), Team Leader, 📧 award [at]
  • Andreea Lupu (UK & IE)
  • Tamara Pomoriški (CZ)
  • Hans Noijens (NL)

Pioneer Projects Team (News)

  • Guido Bosua (NL), Team Leader, 📧 pioneers [at]
  • Matjaž Šmalc (SI)
  • Claire Sharples (UK & IE)
  • Naemi Zoe Keuler (DE)

Research & Documentation Team (News)

  • Anna-Karin Waldemarson (SE), Team Leader, 📧 research [at]
  • Katerina Klementova (CZ)
  • Giorgio Bacchiega (IT)

Evaluation Team

  • Zoë Zernitz​ (NL), Internal Evaluation Officer
  • Ruth Stevenson (UK), External Impact Evaluation Officer