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Pioneer Projects grants

One of the goals of Amateo’s Arts Take Part programme is to stimulate small scaled, international and interdisciplinary projects, share the experiences and outcomes of these projects, and build an international network of people and organisations who like to develop new methods, unexpected combinations and surprising projects.

Amateo’s CONNECT is a moment in time and place to meet other pioneers and organisations, and find one or more possible partners to work on a project plan. These project plans can be sent to Amateo. We will choose the three most exciting project ideas, and reward each of them with an Amateo grant of € 2.500,–. This money has to be spent on the project.

Because we are not only aiming to stimulate pioneer projects, but we also want to share experiences and outcomes to help other initiatives, we will monitor the three projects. We will ask questions before, during and after the project, and share the answers on the Amateo website. We intend to do this for a few years, so we can collect a variety of answers on the same series of questions. In the end, these answers will be published in a small took kit; ‘How to start a pioneer project’.

Now – 10 March: Subscribe for CONNECT2019
13 – 18 March: participate in CONNECT2019; meet people, find a partner, make a plan
18 March – 26 April: work on your project plan, and send it in to Amateo
10 May: Amateo will announce the three rewarded project plans
6 –8 June: presentation of the three project plans during Amateo’s Annual conference in Novi Sad, Serbia
8 June – March 2020: time to do your project
March 2020: sharing of the outcomes of your project at CONNECT2020

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