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Research Webinar

Collecting data on Active Participation in Cultural Activities

November 29th 2021, 15:00 – 17:30 CET
via Zoom

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ATP Team for Research and Documentation invites you to a webinar on collecting data on Active Participation in Cultural Activities within Amateo’s member organizations.

We all know that participating in cultural activities can improve artistic and creative skills, strengthen social inclusion, and make people happier and healthier. But we also need research in our field to be able to advocate for effective national support for participatory culture.

Amateo’s Research and Documentation team with support from Professor John Lievens at Ghent University has developed a questionnaire and methodology on data collection to be used in different European countries to highlight the great importance of cultural participation.

During the last few years we have presented the questionnaire at Amateo’s conference in Leeuwarden, made three pilot projects in Italy, Czech Republic, and Sweden and tested it together with representatives from Amateo’s member organizations at the autumn conference in Milano.

At the webinar the team will present the final version of the questionnaire together with the analysis and conclusions from the workshop in Milano.

Everyone who is interested in how to collect information on cultural participation to make the cultural field visible and to influence politicians and decision-makers are welcome to take part in the webinar.

If you cannot see the registration form above, then please follow this link to register.

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