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Opendoek – Belgium

AMATEO MEMBER: Opendoek Belgium

Member country: Belgium
Contact person: Bram De Win, project coordinator


OPENDOEK is the umbrella organization supporting amateur theatre in Flanders and Brussels (Belgium) and wants to reach out to everybody who has a passion for theatre, individual artists as well as theatre companies.


OPENDOEK wants to inspire the field and create a platform to promote and renew amateur theatre. It wants to expand the field and remove boundaries of artists, theatre groups and stage art in general. OPENDOEK is open to everybody, every theatre style, every specialism and all new developments. It puts effort into the hybridity of the theatre field. OPENDOEK offers members and companies organizational and artistic support like insurance, copyright advice, the theatre library, workshops, coaching…

Furthermore, it stimulates creativity, organizes meetings, creates interaction through festivals, diverse projects, encounters… to let amateurs and professionals share experience and inspiration with each other. Through JongDOEK and AGE on stAGE, young and old people get mobilized and inspired to work on the theatre of the future and through initiatives and cooperation OPENDOEK encourages governments to support the amateur arts.

OPENDOEK also works on the internationalization of amateur arts. Through its policy, OPENDOEK works with 4 important parameters and verifies them in every aspect of the organization: inclusive, diverse, sustainable and professional.

Why Amateo?

Het Forum voor Amateurkunsten in Flanders has been the administrative home of Amateo for a long time, and they recommended us to join the Amateo network. For OPENDOEK it is important to meet international partners in order to create sustainable collaborations.

Importance of international cooperation?

All these different origins have different views and perspectives on the world we live in. These connections enrich our organizations and lead us to new creative development.

Future hopes?

Best case scenario, the network will grow with more members and countries and these members will inspire each other. This will result in more and greater collaborations.

If you want to read more about OPENDOEK, please visit their web page!

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