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Ideias do Levante – Portugal

AMATEO MEMBER: Ideias do Levante – Cultural Association

Member country: Portugal
Contact person: Roberto Estorninho, chairman of the board

Ideias do Levante is a non profit cultural association based in the south of Portugal, in the Algarve, in the city of Lagoa. As a cultural association, we stage events, festivals, provide education about performing arts and fine arts. And we promote healthy and sustainable activities.

It was inspired by the restlessness of the wind, which gave it its name, which emerged as the non-profit, the Cultural Association of Lagoa – Ideias do Levante, on 27 April 1995. At its origin, there was a group of young people who, bewitched by the south-east wind and by the force of their ideas, desired to foment culture in the Municipality of Lagoa under the motto “grab your dreams!”.

There are several cultural activities (and other activities) that the association develops throughout each year in order to build new audiences and participants for the association. Among all these activities, we highlight the regular classes, training and workshops in various aspects, and the nuclei of the association, namely in the areas of Theater, Music, Dance, Cinema, Photography, and the Internet.

We have joined the Amateo network to connect with other institutions and to share knowledge and support. By connecting internationally we will be profiting from a better understanding regarding different realities, different cultures and different ways to act and to react.

We believe that Amateo, as a network, can make the difference and add value to culture, locally and globally. On behalf of Ideias do Levante, we are so grateful to be part of it.

Video message from Roberto Estorninho, President of Ideias do Levante

If you want to read more about Ideas do Levante, please visit their web page!

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