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The Pioneer Projects team in the Arts Take Part programme run by Amateo would like to monitor and showcase artistic projects that are international, interdisciplinary and experimental.

Please consider the following questions as you report on your project:

Basic project information

  1. Project title
  2. Please provide a short description of the project
  3. What kind of artistic disciplines are involved?
  4. Who is involved? (Organisations, artistic creatives, participants)
  5. How can you be reached? (Public contact details)
  6. Who are you aiming at (as an audience)?
  7. When did the project start?
  8. When did it end?
  9. Is there a YouTube or other video link?

At the start of the Pioneer Project

  1. How did the partners come together?
  2. What was the artistic inspiration behind the project?

During the Pioneer Project 

  1. How did the partnership develop over the course of the project?
    Were there any difficulties? If so, how did you overcome them? Were there any unexpected successes?
  2. Did the participants help shape the artistic programme?
    Please describe the ways in which participants were involved

At the end of the Pioneer Project

  1. What was the response to the project?
    Please include testimonials from the creative team / participants / audiences
  2. Did the project change as it developed?
    If so, please describe how.
  3. What did you learn from delivering the project?
  4. What were the particular challenges involved in international, interdisciplinary and/or experimental elements?
  5. What advice would you give to others who are developing similar  artistic projects?

Suggested monitoring methods

In addition to written responses to the above questions, please consider other methods of sharing your project, such as: 

  • A diary of project development and delivery
  • Photos documenting your project 
  • Video / audio clips with participants as project develops
  • ‘Vox pops’ testimonials from creative team, participants and audiences

(Please remember to seek appropriate permissions for photo and video.)

Example responses [link]