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The Pioneer Projects team in the Arts Take Part programme run by Amateo would like to monitor and showcase artistic projects that are international, interdisciplinary and experimental.

In June 2019, Meeting Unknown was awarded a grant to deliver a drumming theatre performance.

Project information

A cultural exchange between Belgian and Czech students for children who are already active in extracurricular theatre and music programmes. During their visit, participants will learn about the cultural and social backgrounds of the children in the other organisation and actively engage in a workshop led by local theatre and music lecturers together with the local children, with the goal of making a documentary performance about their meeting. The aim of the project is to establish cooperation between two European organisations who are both working with children and young people and whose activities are primarily artistic (musical and theatre).

From 25th – 29th of November 2019, five Czech students visited Fanfakids in Belgium and created a performance called “Meeting Unknown”. They were accompanied by two Czech artists and two Belgian lecturers.

Following the two day residency in Destelheide, the resulting performance was presented twice in Belgium (in Destelheide and on Filem´on Festival in Brussels) and recorded for a future screening in Prague.

The group plans to identify funding to support the FanfaKids to visit the Czech students from 28th May – 2nd June 2020 and create another theatre performance. The plan is for the Belgian visitors to stay in Prague for rehearsals at Stanice techniků before a premiere on 1st June 2020 at Mariánské náměstí. 

What kind of artistic disciplines are involved?

Music and theatre

Who is involved?

Memory of Nations Theatre(CZE), Centrum West-D´Broej (BEL) and Met-X Moving Music (BEL)

How can you be reached?

Who are you aiming at?

Children aged 11-13 from both well-situated families and socio-economically disadvantaged families. 1 group from Prague and 1 group from Brussels.

When did the project start?

October 2019