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IG Kultur (Austria)

AMATEO MEMBER: IG Kultur Österreich

Member country: Austria
Contact person: Yvonne Gimpel, Managing Director


IG Kultur Österreich, located in Vienna, Austria, is the association, voice and network of more than 800 independent cultural initiatives in Austria. Focusing on contemporary cultural expressions and community-driven initiatives our main goal is to improve the working conditions for those working in the field of contemporary arts and culture – from culture professionals to volunteers.


IG Kultur Österreich pursues advocacy activities, pushes for legislative improvements and regulatory measures to create an enabling environment, for example ensuring structural safety of cultural initiatives, stable financing conditions, fair pay and social security for those involved in cultural work.

In addition to mediating between cultural initiatives and public authorities, IG Kultur Österreich provides hands-on advice to its members on all matters related to everyday cultural work, such as financing, tax and social security, legal requirements, networking, mobility, etc. In addition we offer workshops and seminars to strengthen the professional development of the sector. Regarding communication we strive to fill the gap in the traditional media discourse on cultural policy issues as well as cultural practices through our public relations work, our magazine and website. We attempt to change the perceptions of cultural work, it’s contribution and relevance for today’s society in constant transformation. 

Why join Amateo?

The emancipatory potential of participation in arts and culture has yet to be fully unleashed and recognized – a quest which cannot be confined to the national level, but is a true European agenda. This entails working and thinking beyond national borders –  in terms of cultural practices, networking and exchange as well as in terms of advocacy and public relations.   

Amateo enables connecting the dots between those working in similar settings – no matter in which country they’re based.

Future hopes?

  • Creating possibilities for networking, exchange and collaboration between culture professionals in the field of participatory arts
  • Lifting the learning curve through cross-border exchange on developments, good as well as failed practices, and project collaboration
  • Contribute to the recognition of participatory cultural work, its contribution and relevance for today’s society – beyond added value legitimisation discourses

If you want to read more about IG Kultur, please visit their web page!

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