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The Pioneer Projects team in the Arts Take Part programme run by Amateo are monitoring and showcasing artistic projects that are international, interdisciplinary and experimental.

In June 2019, Hidden Tracks was awarded a grant to deliver a theatre-musical project for young people from different cultures.

Project information

Young people from different countries will look for traditional music and songs that are likely to disappear. Through interviews and meeting different groups of people (older people, folkloric dance or song groups, older family members and others) the young people will collect “old” songs and develop their own interpretation of traditional music through the means of theatre. The cultures will mix, they will find similarities and differences. Through this project the forgotten melodies will be revived in a new way that corresponds to youngsters of today.

From February 23 – 29, 2020, the 16 young theatre people and musicians from the Czech Republic, Estonia and Germany will get the goods shed in Geestenseth trembling with music & more in a workshop.
On Saturday, 29 February 2020 at 19:00 we invite you to the music-theatre-performance “Hidden Tracks”!

What kind of artistic disciplines are involved?

Music and theatre

Who is involved?

Memory of Nations Theatre in Czech Republic, G.O. Tallinn Music College in Estonia, Das Letzte Kleinod in Germany.

How can you be reached?

Who are you aiming at?

The target group of the participants should be 15-22 years old. They should be interested in different cultures but it is not necessary to have skills in music or acting before they start with the project. The interviewed people will be elderly and old people.

When did the project start?

June 2019