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The Pioneer Projects team in the Arts Take Part programme run by Amateo would like to monitor and showcase artistic projects that are international, interdisciplinary and experimental.

In June 2019, FanfaKids X Brassbandschool was awarded a grant to deliver a drumming performance.

Project information

An exchange between FanfaKids in Belgium and Brassbandschool in the Netherlands. There are similarities between the groups (located in poorer areas of their cities, working with diverse groups, using peer-to-peer learning), and there has also been a lot to learn from each other and differences to share, such as music styles, cultural backgrounds, performing and learning methods. For the young participants exchanging with their peers from other countries has been very valuable, and many of them don’t get regular chances to travel (and some never leave their own neighbourhoods). Teachers and organisations also exchanged ways of working, methods and drumming styles.

The exchange included FanfaKids visit to Rotterdam from 8-9 June 2019 to join the Brassband Battle during the “WereldsDelfshaven” Festival, organised by BrassbandSchool and a workshop led by BBS. From 1-3 August 2019, BBS visited the FanfaKids in Belgium. Together they developed and delivered a public performance at Hanenbos and 4 times at Reggae Geel Festival.

What kind of artistic disciplines are involved?

Music and theatre

Who is involved?

Centrum West-D’Broej and Met-X Moving Music from Brussels, Brassbandschool Rotterdam

How can you be reached?

Who are you aiming at?

Young people from each group

When did the project start?

June 2019