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Cultuurconnectie (Netherlands)

AMATEO MEMBER: Cultuurconnectie
The Netherlands in Europe

Member country: Netherlands
Contact person: Jan Brands, director


Cultuurconnectie is the national sector association for cultural education, cultural participation and community colleges. The organization is based in Utrecht, Netherlands. We represent music schools, centers for the arts, community colleges and organizations occupied in amateur arts or cultural participation.


We are a member organization, offering membership and advice, advocacy and campaigning. We are also the employers association who arrange, together with the workers associations, collective employment contracts.

Why Amateo?

We joined the Amateo network because we care about open, inclusive and qualitative cultural participation for everybody.

International connections?

It is important to make international connections and collaborate across borders because we can learn from each other, get inspired by other countries, cultures and practices and because together we can gain strength in reaching our common goals.

Future hopes?

By sharing, informing, inspiring and collaborating on a European level we can increase the visibility and approval of our work and also strengthen the organizations who support them.

If you want to read more about Cultuurconnectie, please visit their web page!

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