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CulturFACE – Portugal


Member country: Portugal
Contact personCelso Soares, Chairman


CulturFACE – Associação Cultural para o Desenvolvimento is a non-profit organization based in Portugal, and its mission is the inclusion of migrants through the arts, respecting the cultural and artistic diversity of the Portuguese-speaking countries.


Our organization, through collaboration with various partners in areas such as culture, art, communication, intercultural education and advocacy, produces socio-cultural and artistic events oriented to the problems of Portuguese-speaking communities in order to encourage dialogue and active participation in issues of community interest. We develop several projects with national and international partners in order to promote inclusive strategies in the action with migrants and to raise awareness about their importance in civil society in order to increase their sense of belonging to the local and European community.

Our mission is:

  1. Promotion of the social integration of emigrants by defending their citizenship rights
  2. Respect for the cultural and artistic diversity of Portuguese speaking countries
  3. Equality and dignity of all people regardless of where they come from
  4. Reception of migrants as soon as they arrive in Portugal

Some of our Projects

ECOS DO BAIRRO is the radio program and is co-produced by CulturFACE and RDP ÁFRICA, under the financing of the ACM-High Commissioner for Migrations (currently this institution is instinctive and part of AIMA). It gives voice to (in)visible citizens (migrants and others) who contribute directly or indirectly to economic development. The program reveals stories of people who live or have experienced the past/present in the neighborhoods (and beyond), contributes to the dissemination of initiatives by pro-migrant associations, projects and dynamics that encourage good practices for the integration of citizens through space radio.

Another reference project, is the creation of a space for sharing knowledge through the mother tongues of Lusophone migrant citizens: “Crioulo Laboratory”. This is a space open to all curious people and researchers interested in getting to know the Creoles of Lusophone Countries.

The event “Awards Charme & Pristígio: Migrants and Afrodependents” is another creativity from CulturFACE that opens the space for the distinction of migrant and Afro-descendant citizens who contribute (directly/indirectly) to the Portuguese economy, through different areas of activity in society. “Awards Charme & Pristígio: Migrantes e Afrodependentes” is the classic, formal and unique reference style event that takes place annually in Portugal.

CulturFACE presentation

Why Amateo?

AMATEO is an organization that shares the same values and objectives as CulturFACE, in the sense that it promotes the empowerment of individuals through the arts for cultural cohesion and especially social inclusion, so important for our migrant citizens. It is essential to help dynamize this small organization at the European level.

Importance of international cooperation?

For CulturFACE, the development of international partnerships, especially at European level, is very important, because in addition to enhancing the organization’s growth, it is also possible to share knowledge, experiences and best practices. By interacting with people from different cultural and professional backgrounds, it is possible to adapt to new approaches and have a different vision and create new intercultural perspectives through the integration of citizens through cultural dynamics leading to innovation. Despite the challenges related to language and cultural barriers, it also gives us the opportunity to increase global visibility and build an international reputation.

Future hopes?

AMATEO in the future, will be able to bet on its potentialization through the search for new partnerships that will give it the opportunity to boost its work and to develop artistic and cultural projects of a larger scale, continuing to serve as inspiration and support for small organizations, and increasing its contribution to the construction of a more intercultural and inclusive Europe.

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