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Amateo Award Winner 2018

Op Roet (Netherlands): EdvanHoornFucktheSystem 

Around the Dutch city of Hoorn in 2018, refugees united with more than 40 amateur actors, singers and musicians to create a very special musical.

The script was based on the real story of EdvanHoorn who was born in Hoorn and worked for 25 years with refugees, mostly in Syria. He’s credited with building camps, roads and hospitals. The play is the story of Ed, a loner, who wants to help the refugees fight against the systems that prevent them from improving their conditions.

20 refugees from Syria, Eritrea and Iraq staying in the region took part and joined the performance in Phylipsfactory, where the rough walls of the great old factory were filled with projected images as the backdrop to the play. 2000 people came to watch the performance. 

Every refugee buddied-up with a Dutch member of the cast, learning the language and making friends. The play and performance of EdvanHoorn – with food and drink circulated afterwards – became a special moment where cultures were shared.

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