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NOC – Slovakia


Member country: Slovak Republik 
Contact person: Alexandra Stefkova

Who: National center of culture and further education (NOC) is a state contributory organisation of the Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic, which provides functionality and nationwide professional methodology for educational and cultural activities.

What: NOC supports the development of cultural, educational and artistic activities in local, regional and national conditions, in particular: publishing activity, research and monitoring activities in culture, exhibitions and presentation activities.

The main activity of NOC is helping individuals and collectives from the field of artistic activity and non-professional art (scenic folklore, theatre, artistic recitation, fine art, photography, film and video, music). This is in particular to support their activities, create space for presentation, provide educational activities, artistic competitions and other activities that directly support the activities of non-professional artists in Slovakia.

Why Amateo: NOC joined the Amateo network mainly to spread our activities abroad, to get new contacts and inspiration for further cultural cooperation, for cultural exchanges and to be a part of a European network.

The main commitment of NOC is to create an optimal environment for creative presentation and confrontation of the most successful artistic outcomes of individuals and collectives of children, youth and adults, focusing on amateur artists. Therefore it is important to make new contacts, to inspire and be inspired. Especially getting to know different languages and cultures, make new friendships and professional partnerships.

Future hopes: The main hope is to be part of European cultural network, to create new international cooperation between amateur and professional artists, obtain new theoretical and practical knowledge, create a database-network to gather information about events, lecturers and workshops.

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