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CONNECT2018 – Highlights

In March 2018 the first CONNECT took place in Deventer (NL)!

Fifteen young people joined a theatre workshop by DeGasten (Amsterdam, NL), and in total 44 people from 14 European countries joined the event. In 2018 the focus was mainly on meeting people, making inspiring plans and new connections.

Highlights of CONNECT2018

Boundless in Slovenia

The Dutch Theaterschip and the German Theater am Fluss have made several international projects together. In 2017 they made ‘Boundless’, an interdisciplinary project about feeling at home. In May 2018 they did a remake in Slovenia, together with Glej theatre. Three young professionals (a filmmaker, a choreographer and a theatre-maker) and five young participants (from Germany, the Netherlands and Slovenia) worked for a week, and showed the outcomes during the annual Amateo conference in Ljubljana


During CONNECT2018, Strangetown (Scotland), Glej (Slovenia), Teaterskolan i Svenskfinland (Finland) and Theaterschip (the Netherlands) met each other. After some inspiring and intensive sessions, these four organisations (all making theatre with young people) decided to do some research to see if there are possibilities to organise an exchange programme in 2019.

At the end of 2018 the result was positive: Erasmus+ has accepted the application made by Glej, so in March 2019 the four artistic leaders will meet in Ljubljana, joined by four young professionals and four young participants.

This meeting in Ljubljana is to prepare a big project, planned in October 2019. In this project seven young participants from each country will take part in workshops, see performances and work together on one big performance in one week. A great example of exchange on the level of young participants, young professionals and organisations, born during CONNECT2018.

We are the memory

Tamara Pomoriški joined the full four days of CONNECT2018, as a young professional in the workshop. On Monday, she met Hanna Timmers, from the Dutch organisation Theater na de Dam. Theater na de Dam is a theatre company from Amsterdam that organises annual public performances with young people commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance Day. An agreement was made to spread this concept to other European countries, so in January this year they together made a first theatre project of this kind in Prague, Czech Republic. And it was also agreed that this will become an annual event. Read more about the project.



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