Creative Heroes

In every European nation there are creative heroes – people who practice their art for the love of it on a voluntary basis. Also in every country there are festivals, events and awards programmes which give these creative heroes the chance to show off what they do and encourage others to take part.

This Inspiration box showcases some of these events to inspire others and to share & learn from each other.

We started with a survey of our Amateo members. That gave us an initial selection of events falling into three categories:  

We hope this will give you new ideas for events in your own country and in turn you can share your experiences. By sharing, collecting and collaborating on a European level we can increase the visibility of our creative heroes and also strengthen the organisations and events who support them.

There is so much great work going on it would be impossible to make this an entirely complete collection but we hope to shed light on some of the jewels.  And we hope to inspire you to join-in and share your events too to uncover more of our creative heroes and show-off Europe’s rich cultural treasures.